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What is Spungella On-Site?

SOS is an on-site animation workshop where animators can show their animation clips and get feedback on it from either myself or other animators. Feedback consists of specific notes regarding your work combined with lectures explaining the animation principles behind the notes. Guest speakers with Q&As are also available.

How many can participate?

15 animators total on-site for one session. If more people sign up I can split the workshop into two sessions a week.

Is it a school? Can I get college credits?

No, SOS is not a school. You won't get any grades, no homework, no credits, there won't be any midterms nor finals and you can't fail the workshop. It is purely a get-together for animators in order to share feedback regarding their work.

How many times do you have those workshops?

- In Spring and Fall, one session a week, 16 weeks total. If the workshop fills up I open up a second session.
-In Summer, one session per week, 8 weeks total. If the workshop fills up I open up a second session. You can also attend both sessions for a total of 16 sessions.

And when are they?

In the evening, 7 to 10pm. Usually Mondays and Thursdays. More info about date and animator attendance can be found here.


Where is the SOS workshop being held?

1 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94105

Security is there 24/7 and I have keycard access. Attending animators will receive clearance by the guard.
After 6:30pm the entrance switches to Spear St:

Multiple conference rooms are available and the selection depends on the size of the group of animators:

What if I'm late that evening?

If you're on the list the guard will let you in. Text me and someone will get you at the elevator.
But try to be there on time in order to avoid delays and complications.

Is there parking?

Street parking is available but tricky. Parking garages are near-by as well. The St. Mary's Garage is a few blocks away and open 24/7 (on 433 Kearny) but super cheap. Bart also has a station super close by.


How much does it cost?

- $800 per animator, for 16 sessions (Spring and Fall)
- $400 per animator, for 8 sessions during the Summer.

Paid in full prior to workshop start. Paypal transfers are $825 (or $425) due to fees.

Why payments in advance?

It gives me time to reopen the sign-up window, in case someone can't pay or changes his/her mind.

How do I pay?

Payments can be sent via check (if you are a US resident), which is preferred, or Paypal. Although there is an additional fee of $25 if you send it via Paypal.

1. Check

Send the check to:

Jean-Denis Haas
LDAC Shipping & Receiving Center
1110 Gorgas Ave
San Francisco, CA 94129

Pay to the Order of: Jean-Denis Haas
For: (Spring/Summer/Fall) SOS #1 or #2 Workshop

2. Paypal


animate (at) jeandenis (dot) net

for the transaction.

Under the "Purchase" payment options (not "Personal"), choose "Services" and add $25 to the total.
So what if something unexpected comes up and I have to cancel the workshop or I change my mind?

Your are free to do so, but I expect a certain level of professionalism and courtesy. Don't be one of those who cancels the workshop the day it starts for no reason.

What if I don't like the workshop and want my money back?

No refunds are given once the workshop starts. I'm going to do everything I can to make it worth your time and money though.

Do you accept student loans?

No, sorry.


How do I apply?

Send me an email to: signup (at) spungella.com.
Subject: SOS Workshop sign-up (tell me if it is for Spring, Summer or Fall)
Body: I'd like to attend the SOS workshop (or something like that).

More sign-up details, like Date and Time, will get posted here and on the Spungella blog a few weeks ahead of workshop start date.

How do I know I got in?

You will get a confirmation email for the initial sign-up. Sign up approval is on a first-come, first-served basis. You will also see your name on the list of the workshop (here).

Workshop Structure

How long is this again?

3 hours once a week. There is usually a 15min break in the middle of the workshop.

What can I show?

Anything (well, animation related...). It can be bouncing balls, performance pieces, short stories, demo reels etc. etc.

What kind of feedback are you giving the animators?

Honest feedback. You might not always like what I'm saying but I prefer to tell you the truth (from my subjective point of view of course) so I can help you improve your animation.

How are you presenting the critiques?

Via projector. Animators will huddle up like during professional dailies. Notes will be given verbally and via on-screen drawing tools or whiteboards.

Are there lectures and demos given?

Yes, but lectures and demos are broken up into separate elements at separate times.


Given the range of skill level across all animators attending the workshop, lectures can be interesting for one half of the group, while the other half is bored.

My approach is to give mini lectures during each animator's critique. That way I can cover more topics and I won't waste other animator's time who are already familiar with said topics.

But certain principles or techniques need a more detailed lecture and will take up more time. Animators can also request specific lectures if needed.

What is the workshop environment like?

The atmosphere is very relaxed. Everybody is encouraged to voice their opinion and to share their knowledge.

Are you handing out assignments and homework?

Nope, but you can email me during the week updated versions of your shot(s) for more feedback. Additional lectures, tips and misc. animation materials are available on Spungella.com

What format should the clips be in?

Please have them ready as Quicktimes (reasonable size, like 800x600) and include a frame counter in your scene. If you email me your work outside of the sessions, please export the Quicktime as an iPhone/iPad compatible file I can look at it at any time, so you can get even speedier feedback!

Can I upload my clips via FTP?

Yes, an FTP space is ready for SOS participants. You can use it to upload your clips before attending the workshop or during the week.

Can I record your critique?

No. But you can take notes and draw caricatures. :)

Do you provide computers and software?

I will bring my laptop and projector for critiques, but that's it. Feel free to bring your own laptop if you want to though. The normal procedure will be to upload your work using the FTP space or to bring it on a flash drive (or whatever storage solution you prefer) and I will transfer it onto my laptop, which is connected to the projector. The group and myself will then proceed and make fun of your work until you tell us that you are 12 years old and that you spent 5mins on it, which in turn will make the clip awesome and us a bunch of losers. Or just me.

Can I take multiple workshops? 

Sure thing! You can sign up as often as you want to and as early as you want to. All up to you.

What about online workshops?

I do offer online workshops, please check out spungellaonline.blogspot.com for it.

Are there bathrooms around?

Yep, and a kitchen with a water cooler, coffee, tea, etc.

What if I miss a session?

If you missed a session on your own accord, then the only make-up way is to show up on another day within the same week, so if you're in the Monday session and you can't attend, then you can show up on Thursday, if there are two sessions available.
If you can't attend any of the two days or if there is only one session a week, then you can email me your work during that week.

What if a session gets canceled?

If I cancel a session, then you have the following options:
- attend the make up session
- receive 2 weeks of online feedback (redeemable at any time)
- attend one session in a future workshop (redeemable at any time)
- get a refund of $50


What do I need to bring?

Nothing. You can just sit in and listen if you want to. If your shot is not ready to show, don't worry about it. There are no deadlines for your shots except the ones that you give yourself or the ones by the teacher/supervisor you're doing the shots for. I can suggest a realistic time frame though if needed.
You can show me 2D work or stop-motion if you want to, there is no preference, it doesn't have to be 3D. But it would be great for you to know the in-and-outs of whatever tool you use. I can only help you with Maya program wise.

Is a demo reel needed to qualify for the workshop?

Nope. Feedback is given to beginners as well as advanced animators.

Sneak peeks

Can I sit in to see how it is?

Yes, but let's schedule it in advance. No drop-ins since I need to clear your attendance with the security guard. Chances are I won't look at your work since that would take time away from the paying animators, but if there is any time left, then no problem.


Do you have other questions which are not listed here? Leave a comment or email me!

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