Here's what some of the animators had to say about this workshop:

 I went from not getting into ANY of their classes last semester (really bummed me out) to jumping straight to the second level (Physics of Animation) -- and I REALLY have your workshop to thank for it. The way you meticulously go through every frame really helped, and I don't think I would've been able to do it without you!

- Alyce

Having JD as a teacher at the Academy I already knew what he was capable of, and what jedi powers he can teach me. The workshops surpassed the classes, IMO. Not only do we get 100% honest comments and critique about our work, but we also get insight on the industry of animation. Everything from making demo reels to handling clients and proving yourself as a worthy employee was covered (as long as you ask, JD is more than happy to answer your questions). Thats one of the things that separates JD's workshops from everyone elses. He gives everyday tips and knowledge about life in general and how it relates to animation. I highly recommend JD's workshops for anyone, whether you're just a beginner or a seasoned pro. Also, bring Twix.

 - Eric

JD is nothing short of awesome, and he never cease to make the workshops fun! I learned so much and still am. even after working in the industry, I find myself still learning new things from Spungella! Do yourself a favor and take his workshop, you wouldn't regret it.

- Ting Tey

 JD's workshops are the best experience for any animator in training. I can't recommend the on-site workshops highly enough. The personal interaction between everybody in the workshop is invaluable. Not only did he give expert critiques that
improved our animation skills, but he always shared his knowledge about the industry as a whole. While it's easy to sometimes get discouraged as a young animator JD is consistently in your corner and is very supportive, especially if your ideas include flying sharks and raptors!

- Mark Droste

A great opportunity for people who want to develop their animation skills or just want to keep them sharp! Serious critic in a very relax and friendly environment. Most of my workshop mates are in a great position in the animation industry right now thanks to Spungella Workshop.  

- Bernardo Warman

Spungella is an amazing workshop and learning experience that consists in having fun while learning the many faces of animation. That workshop pushed me to put some of myself in my shots and learn a great deal about the animation industry. 

- Louaye Moulayess

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